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Laura Harris Hi, I would like to request receipts/confirmation of my tax payments at 1201 Louisa Street from 2... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Brad Duhe   Please provide copies (electronically, if possible) of any agreements or licenses from the beg... City Council - Utilities David Gavlinski
Ronald C. Coleman Photo Safety Program Notice # 0801800237514 Testing Report and Installation of Signs Public Works - Traffic Camera Admin Law
Frances A Musacchia Code Enforcement File for case # CEHB-11-7035. All Records. Code Enforcement - Violations Admin Law
Frances A Musacchia Permit Dept. Permit # 09BLD-04610 Swimming Pool Repair Permit # 09BLD-04614 Stop Work Revoked ... Safety and Permits Admin Law
Carl Williams Want to know if Elvin Brown got notice/personal service of the Tax Sale on 3205 Lowerline St New ... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Erika Gates All VCC documents and pictures pertaining to 738-42 Royal St. Vieux Carre Commission Admin Law
Beau Evans I would like to please request electronic copies of the following records: Lists of all employee... Finance - Accounting; Media Request - Mayor's Office of Communications Admin Law
Sidney Holmes 1) Property Taxes paid for 1824 Leonidis St, NOLA 70118 from 2012-2017   2) Property Taxes paid... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Randy G. Johnson, Jr. An exhaustive list of all private businesses in the Greater New Orleans Area that have been sold ... City Attorney Admin Law
Mona Chalabi Could I please get access to the database of items lost and found in the city please?   Public Works-All Admin Law
Kelly K. Aprill My name is Kelly K. Aprill and I am the owner of 916-918 Cherokee St., New Orleans, La. 70118. I ... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Prospero Zephyrine To Whom It May Concern, We would like to request the Administrative Judgement for Code Enforceme... Code Enforcement - Violations Admin Law
Prospero Zephyrine To Whom It May Concern, We would like to request the tax payment history for the below propertie... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Prospero Zephyrine Request paper copies of documents of record of survey of the following parcels, 2027 Montegut, 18... City Planning Commission; Safety and Permits Admin Law
Carol Newman My name is Carol Newman. I am a real estate attorney in New Orleans. I am working on a case in wh... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Maria Rodriguez Any and all deliquent notices for the year 1994 tax bill number 2062007-32.   FILE#BIENVILLE-PR... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Pierce Rubenstein Hello, I would like to request sales tax data for the businesses on Canal Street in the 300 thro... Finance - Revenue Admin Law
Seong M Yon 1) Fed. # 2) Records for Taxes paid on 615 Orange St, New Orleans, 70130 (Maybe 1991-2001) (migh... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Sang J Yon Property Address: 11101 Lake Forest Blvd. How much did I paid taxes? (1998-Present) Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Kristen Brown Hii could you please send me all information related to Code Incident # 18-08656-MPM. Thank you!   Code Enforcement - Violations Admin Law
Wesley Plaisance Please send all pre and post tax sale notices issued to any person or entity in connection with t... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Robert Caldin Request the SP+/Central Parking Contract for the City Hall Parking garage, as well as any corresp... City Attorney; Property Management Admin Law
Robert Caldin I would like to request a copy of the Premium Parking Contract for the Piazza D' Italia lots and ... Public Works - Parking Admin Law
Kerry P Fraino Please provide the program rules of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.  Thank you Supplier Diversity Admin Law
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