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Please provide copies of any Statements of Qualifications, proposals, or other submissions that the City Council of New Orleans (“City Council”) received from any person or entity responding to the City Council’s September 23, 2011 “Request for Qualifications: Electric and Natural Gas Regulatory Services” (“the RFQ”).


Please provide the official minutes and any electronic audio or video recording of any meeting at which any City of New Orleans employee or contractor (including but not limited to individual members of the City Council; the City’s Inspector General; the City Council’s Chief of Staff; the City Council’s Research Officer; and the City Council’s Fiscal Officer) evaluated the responses to the RFQ and/or selected a contractor to perform the services described in the RFQ.


Please provide copies of any invoices or bills that the City of New Orleans or the City Council received between January 1, 2013 and the present from Dentons US LLP, Dentons Europe LLP, or any of those entities’ affiliates.


August 9, 2016 via web


August 19, 2016


City Council


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