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I am requesting information regarding truck traffic regulations regulated by the City of New Orleans, LA. What I need specifically is information that is maintained by your City. (i.e. areas where there are signs posted)


ProMiles® Software Development Corporation develops software that provides mapping, routing, and fuel data to truck operators and companies who manage trucks (more information is available at our website,  To make this as accurate as possible, we are currently doing research on states, cities, and counties all over the United States to find out where trucks can and cannot go.



What I am requesting is information regarding legal size tractor trailer combinations and the following information:

  • Are there any weight and/or load type restrictions on certain bridges maintained by your municipality? If so, where are they?
  • Are there any streets prohibited to trucks? (i.e. “No Through Trucks”) If so, what are they?
  • Bypass areas (near vastly populated/residential areas with high volumes of every-day traffic that trucks are encouraged to drive around instead of through) If so, where are they?
  • Are there any vertical clearance restrictions? If so, where are they?
  • Does your municipality have prescribed or restricted routes for trucks transporting hazardous materials (HazMat)? If so, what are they?
  • Does your municipality have any restrictions for trucks transporting specific commodities (i.e. sand & gravel, concrete, coal, & etc.) If so, what are they?
  • Does your municipality have any restrictions on the use of engine brake (Jake brake/compression brake)?
  • Does your municipality have any truck idle time restrictions?



Any maps or lists of the above information would be extremely helpful and appreciated.


If you are not the appropriate person to request this information from, would you please provide me the contact information of the correct department and personnel.    



Thank you so much for your help with this information,



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Brittney Wimberly
GIS Specialist

ProMiles Software Development Corporation

P.O. Box 398 Bridge City, TX  77611

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