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I am an attorney working for the Division of Administration Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit. I am specifically working on files that are in collections within the Small Rental Property Program which was developed after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

I am looking for information related to a property that is a participant in this program.

The property address is 8003 Brevard Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70127. This was a fourplex. Two of the units were destroyed by fire in February 2012. The owner and borrower in our program, Jerralyn A. Bazile, stated that she had the debris cleared and was preparing to rebuild the two units when the City demolished the entire property (including the two units that were not damaged by fire) without notice to her based on an “Imminent Danger of Collapse” and then she was billed nearly $25,000 for the “wrongful” demolition.

 Can you tell me if it’s true that the structure was demolished based on imminent danger without notice to her? Can you also tell me how the “imminent danger” determination is made and if there would be anything a property owner can do to stop a demolition based on that? Can you also tell me if she paid the fee for the demolition?


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