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I am an attorney with the Division of Adminsitration Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit. I am working for the Small Rental Property Program which was developed after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I am looking for information on the following properties which are participants in this program:

Property owner Ingrid McCalla-Peoples stated that her property was torn down but 3 other properties were connected to hers and she was not the owner of all four, only one. But, she received a bill for the demolition of all. Can you give me the date and reason for this demolition?Property Address: 7717 N. Coronet Court, New Orleans, LA 70126

Property owner Louise Thomas stated that her property was demolished and she received a bill for $29,000. Can you give me the date and reason or this demolition? Property Address: 1317-1321 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117

Property owner Verlyn Foley stated that her property was demolished while being renovated and she never received notice. Can you give me the date and reason for this demolition? Property Address: 3001-3003 South Saratoga St., New Orleans, LA 70115

Property owner Trina Williams stated the property was torn down by mistake during renovations and she sued CNO and won $20,000 but has not received any of the award. I’m assuming if she won the suit, the demolition was in fact a mistake. Can you give me the date and reason for this demolition? Property Address: 4829 Laine Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70126



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