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I represent GRMC, LLC. With respect to your November 11,2016 "8030 Delinquent Assessment Notice" to GRMC, LLC and pursuant to the Open Government Clause of the Louisiana Constitution and the Louisiana Public Records Act, please make available for inspection and copying (or provide me directly with copies) the following described public records within the time constraints provided for by law: 

A copy of any original application for an occupational license by GRMC, LLC; A copy of any occupational license issued to GRMC, LLC;

A copy of any document describing Occupational Code 0502; A copy of any listing of Occupational Codes;

A copy of License Table 4; 

A copy (or any citation thereto) of any provision of law authorizing the imposition of an occupational license tax on GRMC, LLC;

A copy (or any citation thereto) of any provision of law authorizing the imposition of interest and penalties on GRMC, LLC;

Any documents and work papers relied upon or used m calculating GRMC, LLC's annual gross receipts to be $100,000; and 

Any document which evidences the number or percentage of occupational license tax payers that remitted allegedly delinquent occupational license taxes, interest and penalties on the basis of an "8030 Delinquent Assessment Notice" calculated on the same basis as the "8030 Delinquent Assessment Notice" calculated for and directed to GRMC, LLC.


December 15, 2016 via email


January 4, 2017


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Our office has closed this request.  Please remit payment or schedule a time to review the records.

January 17, 2017, 3:48pm
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