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April 6, 2017



Zoning/Planning Department Information Request






1025 South Jefferson Davis Parkway

New Orleans, LA 70125


 Zoning Department

Project Manager:

Thomas O’Brien



Project No:









Terracon Consultants has been commissioned to conduct a Property Condition Assessment Survey on the above Subject Property. Please respond to the following documentation/information requests:


1.      Does the Subject have any outstanding zoning code violations within its file? If “Yes”, please provide copies.

Yes No

2.      Is the Subject within a Zoning District?   If “Yes”, please identify the Zone/District, when it was adopted and the specific signage and parking requirements.

Yes No

3.      Is the Subject a currently permitted use?  

Yes No

4.      Does the placement, quantity or area of signage comply with current zoning requirements?

Yes No

5.      Does the quantity of parking spaces comply with current zoning requirements?

Yes No

6.      Are there any existing or pending zoning code requirements/regulations that the Subject would be considered an existing non-conforming use? If “Yes”, please briefly explain.

Yes No

7.      Was the Subject built “as of right”? If “No”, what variances were necessary?

Yes No

8.      In the event of a catastrophic loss, could the Subject be rebuilt to its current density?

Yes No

9.      Are there any municipal required procedures or mandated improvements that are triggered by a change of ownership/title such as: new Use Permit or a re-issuance of Zoning Approval by the Zoning Department or Zoning Board of Appeals? If so, what are they?

Yes No

10.   Please provide a copy of the Subject’s Zoning Compliance Certificate, if any.

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Thank you for your assistance. Please reply by letter/phone/fax/email. Should you have any questions or should there be any fees associated with providing the requested information, please contact Thomas O’Brien at the number listed below or email at Thom.O'


April 6, 2017 via web


April 11, 2017


City Planning Commission, Safety and Permits


Thomas O'Brien






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