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1. The Pictures you gave me are the Pic's I had email to on the date of Mar. 23, 2018. Where are the pictures before that date?

2. Why no Tow Bills ( To Mid-City Towing ) where apart of this when I picked this up.

3. Only 1 Survey Report was their. It should be about 4 or 5 in there.

4. An it should every time James Allen III Trailer was Cleared out the System...                              (Meaning it was Cleared more than once)

5. Time Frame is from 11-20-2017 thur 3-22-2018


Request #18-1875

every complaint Report, Survey Report, Every tow bill and every time it was cleared out of the System (Meaning James Allen III trailer) from 11-20-2017 thur 3-22-2018 Address are 4937 western/4943 western Street and the block of 4900 Western Street (I would like it Electronic/Digital Base). From the Parking Dept. & Abandonment Dept.


May 3, 2018 via web


May 17, 2018


3-1-1, Public Works - Parking and Towing


Edward Joseph






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