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I am investigating a secret cult led by Kadmeeayl B Kedem aka as Rev. Nazirmoreh KB Kedem aka Mitchell Duvall born 8/1940 in Chicago, the leader of  Nahziryah Monastic Community aka “The Purple People,” a reclusive religious commune that was established in MS in the early 1980s, moving to New Orleans in 1985 where Kedem operated the Veil of Truth Center for Metaphysical and Esoteric Learning on 3141 Ponce De Leon St. until 1998, before relocating up here on the Arkansas Ozarks to a reclusive wilderness compound. 

Ex-members who’ve escaped very recently have come forward to allege he engaged in labor trafficking of members, including children, to support his commune and used physical assault as a means of control. Victims allege Kedem would beat members, primarily extended family (he's had five wives, only one a legal marriage, and 13 children) for minor infractions, were forced to live in absolute silence, subsist on two meals a day, meditate 3 hours a day and prostrate themselves before Kedem, foreheads to the ground in passing. If not -- they suffered severe consequences. I’ve seen the scars and healed broken bones. 

Two of the cult-raised children, in their early 20s, committed suicide last summer, one hanged himself in a local city park, the other overdosed, according to Fayetteville police records. Since fleeing the cult, the extended family has struggled to make their way in life.

I realize it's been 20 years since the cult operated in New Orleans, but am seeking any records of complaints and child services investigations.  

I really appreciate any thought or time you can give to my query. My deadline to file is March 13th. 

Thank you. I'm also requesting you don't make this request public -- as indicated in the yellow box above? 


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