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I'm looking for the police report pertaining to the homicide of Kevin Miller in 1990  

and the 2000 murder of Baron Victor, Jr. by McKinley "Mac" Phipps


I'd also like the to see the file for the 2002 murder of Steve Thomas and subsequent investigation into Corey "C-Murder" Miller

and the file for the 2003 murder of James "Soulja Slim" Tapp Jr. 


May 13, 2019 via web


July 19, 2019


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Matt Basora






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July 19, 2019, 2:30pm
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Mr. Basora:

Please be advised that records responsive to your request have been compiled and are available for your review, or you may purchase the records on a compact disc for $25.00.

Please note that the records have been redacted to exclude social security numbers, personal phone numbers and addresses, dates of birth, drivers license numbers and motor vehicle information, the identity of victims/witnesses. La. Atty Gen. Op. No. 91-295 (July 11, 1991) (social security numbers); La. Atty Gen. Op. No. 00-314 (Sept. 19, 2000) (telephone); La. Atty Gen. Op. No. 10-0110 (Dec. 6, 2010) (address);  La. Const. art. I, § 5 (constitutional right to privacy); La. Rev. Stat. § 44:4.1(19); Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2721 – 2725 (driver’s license number/motor vehicle); City of Baton Rouge v. Capital City Press, 2007-1088, p.22 (La. App. 1st Cir. 10/10/08); 4 So.3d 807, 822 (holding that identity of victims/witnesses is confidential).

To review or purchase your records in person, please contact the City Attorney's Office Public Records Team at 504-658-9800 to schedule a day and time.

Fees - We accept cash (please pay exact amount), check, or money order payable to the City of New Orleans

Mail or pick-up - You may remit payment and retrieve the records directly from our receptionist. Or you may mail payment to our office; upon receipt of payment we will mail the records to the address you provide.

Please schedule a day and time with our office prior to picking up records to ensure that the records are with the receptionist.   Or you may mail payment to our office; upon receipt of payment we will mail the records to the address you provide.

Mail to or pick-up from:

City Attorney's Office
1300 Perdido St., Ste. 5E03
New Orleans, LA 70112



July 19, 2019, 2:30pm
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