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  On January 07, 2019 at approximately 9:30 A.M., my wife was sitting on our front steps when a women walking a pitt bull on a leash suddenly attacked and mauled her on our own house steps. The police were notified, but did not show up until the next day. She was transported immediately toto the emergency room of the hospital. She sat there for 5 hours bleeding with severe wounds, and open wounds. I finally took her to another hospital, where she was seen and treated in less than one hour. The next day the police showed up took the reort, and gave us an item number. That would be January the eighth. The office after taking the report immediately notified the SPCA Animal Control. Animal Control responded in about 15 minutes, and took pictures of the wounds.

  The Report number given to me by the SPCA was 5133572.I need a copy of this report as my wife and I are awaiting subpoenas to appear in cort on this incident. This is the web site The SPVCA said we would have to request the records from.


                                                            Garland Ogden



February 4, 2019 via web


February 7, 2019


Health Department


Garland Ogden





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February 7, 2019, 11:54am
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Mr. Ogden:


Please be advised that records responsive to your request have been compiled and are available for your review, or you may purchase the records for $6.00 (12 pages @ $0.50/page).


Please note that names and phone numbers were redacted to protect the identity of victims, witnesses, and/or complainants. See City of Baton Rouge v. Capital City Press, 2007-1088, p.22 (La. App. 1st Cir. 10/10/08); 4 So.3d 807, 822.


To review or purchase your records in person, please contact the City Attorney's Office Public Records Team at 504-658-9800 to schedule a day and time.


Fees - We accept cash (please pay exact amount), check, or money order payable to the City of New Orleans


Mail or pick-up - You may remit payment and retrieve the records directly from our receptionist. Or you may mail payment to our office; upon receipt of payment we will mail the records to the address you provide.


Please schedule a day and time with our office prior to picking up records to ensure that the records are with the receptionist.   Or you may mail payment to our office; upon receipt of payment we will mail the records to the address you provide.


Mail to or pick-up from:

City Attorney's Office
1300 Perdido St., Ste. 5E03
New Orleans, LA 70112



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