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Requesting the Point Layer for Catch Basins as displayed on the Adopt-a-Catch-Basin Site.  Looking for the layer as a .shp file, .kml or .zip.

This request is educational, and non-commercial, for the sake of public safety communication. 

If any documents responsive to this request are withheld, please describe the material withheld and specify in detail the statutory or administrative basis for withholding it, and answer the questions in the next paragraph. We request all segregable, non-exempt parts of the documents be provided to fulfill this request.

 If any records from this request are denied pursuant to La. R.S. 44:34, because the records are not in your custody or control, please answer the following questions in detail:

1. Is a copy of the requested public record usually located in your office?
2. Why is your copy of the requested public record absent from your office?
3. Where is your copy of the requested public record?
4. Who has received your copy of the requested public record?
5. How and from whom did the present custodian gain control of your copy of the requested public record?
6. What was the exact time your copy of the requested public record was taken from your custody and control?
7. When will your copy of the requested public record be returned to your office?
8. Is there any other public official who has a copy of the requested public record?
9. State the name or names of anyone who has a copy of the requested public record.
10. State the location(s) where the requested public record can be viewed.
11. State the hours and dates when the requested public record can be viewed.

We plan to use this information to provide substantial and meaningful comments on the permits potentially under review and in other public processes and forums open to public comment related to the Project and understand how the Project is moving through state agencies.

As our request is non-commercial and for the benefit of the general public, we also request that all fees for receiving the material be waived. HealthyGulf is only interested in public dissemination of this information, especially to public bodies, so that we can inform the public about the economic, environmental, aesthetic, and historical impacts of drainage in new orleans. A fee waiver is further justified because the records request is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requestors.

We request that these data be delivered in digital format. We would prefer the response in electronic format, in a compressed .zip file. Please contact us if that format is unavailable. If there is any other information that is needed, please contact Scott Eustis at 504-525-1528 ext. 212, or by e-mail at 

We expect a response per Section 44:32(D) of the Louisiana Public Records Act, requiring a response within three business days. If access to the records I am requesting will take longer than that time period, please contact me with information a specific timeline for us to expect copies or receive the ability to inspect the requested records.

For a healthy Gulf,

Scott Eustis,

Community Science Director, HealthyGulf

935 Gravier, 70112


May 17, 2020 via web


May 21, 2020


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Mr. Eustis:

The custodian(s) have compiled records responsive to your request.  Due to the City of New Orleans COVID-19 Response, and the limited public access to City Hall, the records responsive to your request are uploaded here at no cost.  You may access the records by logging into your NextRequest account; a download link to the responsive records is available under the “Documents” section of the request page. You must be logged into your account in order to access the records.

UPDATE 5/18/2020 
Please be advised that, during the COVID-19 Phase 1 reopening of the City, the City will begin to reinstate fees for public records. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

Law Department
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May 20, 2020, 9:11am
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