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Nancy Decorte Fox 8 would like to request two police reports...the first on the armed robbery reported overnigh... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Sandra Fajardo-Cortes Regarding RFP 2130-02037 Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Exercise Design I would li... Finance - Procurement Admin Law
Vanessa Graf Please confirm the names and addresses to where the Notice of Administrative Judgment were sent f... Code Enforcement - Violations Tammie Jackson
Sheree Kerner CSU or xls file of taxi drivers & CPNC holder contact info Safety and Permits - Taxicab & For Hire Bureau Admin Law
Emily Lane May I inspect the initial incident report for item #K-15207-16? Thank you. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Amanda Benjamin divorce decree Benjamin june2012 City Attorney Admin Law
elizabeth thibodeaux Commercial Lease We would like to obtain a copy of the Deanie's Seafood Restaurant Lease  locate... Finance - Revenue Admin Law
Malachi S. Hull In response to documents received today from law regarding Open Records Request 16-1689: Just fo... City Attorney Admin Law
Matthew Sledge I request item J-10260-16 for on-site inspection. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Matthew Sledge I am requesting item I-30176-16 for on-site inspection. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Lisa Le Moffatt & Nichol, Inc. License no: 129722   To whom this may concern,   I would like to ... Finance - Revenue Admin Law
Maria Rodriguez I am requeting delinquent notices for unpaid 2012 taxes that was mailed before and after tax sale... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Jacob Peters Code enforcement file for 1381 Harrison Ave. Code Enforcement - Violations Tammie Jackson
Vincent Booth Copies of all citations, complaints, investigative reports, photographs, emails, or other documen... Code Enforcement - Violations Tammie Jackson
Miles Granderson Per Public Records law and in the timelines provided therein, please produce all records related ... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Christy Andra All information and documents received, gathered or created by the City of New Orleans, Departmen... Safety and Permits Admin Law
richard webster I am requesting the following police reports: Item #: C08851-15; C25138-15; C08629-16; B32166-14... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Casey Ferrand I'd like to get a copy of the report from the following incident: #K-9526-16 42/Aggravated Rape... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Michelle Hunter Hello. I would like to request a copy of NOPD incident report E-35472-15.   Thank you, Michell... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
cathy cole hightower Assessor records for all documents, emails, texts, data and any other record related to 3816-18 O... Admin Law
Michelle Hunter Hello,   I'd like to request any and all incident reports, probable cause affidavits or arrest a... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Casey Cowley I am representing the above-captioned individual in a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Oct... Public Works - Traffic Camera Admin Law
Margaret Guidry Any records of requests for permits to install, permits, actual installation of and dismantling o... Public Works - Streets Admin Law
Meredith Talusan I'm would like a copy of the police report related to the homicide death of Devin Diamond, 20 yea... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Steve Finegan The four responses to the RFP from the Capital Projects Admin. for the Orleans Parish Prison Reno... Finance - Procurement Admin Law