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Arnold Rougee I am requesting you email me as detailed as possible a list of the Top 100 largest water users in... Public Works - Admin Admin Law
Emily Lane I request the initial incident report for Item I-31359-16, an aggravated battery, and the initial... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Yolanda H. Leviege I would like to get copies of bidding documents submitted for the Orleans Parish Criminal Courtho... Finance - Procurement Admin Law
Kate Jamison I am requesting a list of dogs licensed in the city of New Orleans.  Health Department Admin Law
Yolanda H. Leviege Criminal courthouse project. The names of the plastering, dry wall company used on this project  Capital Projects Admin Law
Tabitha Fitzpatrick  This is a Freedom of Information Act Request concerning a Benny Chevaz Powell. I'm requesting a... Civil Service Commission Admin Law
Yolanda H. Leviege Information on Orleans Parish Criminal Courthouse.  Admin Law
Reid Uzee Your entire file relating to the January 19, 2016, demolition of the residential property located... Code Enforcement Admin Law
Matthew Sledge I request item J-1717-2016 for on-site inspection. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Jacquelyn Caroline 7/7/16 @ 10:08 pm I would like to request a copy of the police report for the following case ass... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Chris Miller I request a copy of NOPD incident report I-16415-16. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
hunter holder This is a request for the photos and documents regarding a Code enforcement violation request fil... Code Enforcement Admin Law
Romaine L. White Any and all documents or photographs concerning whether there is a sign posted on southbound S. C... Public Works-All Admin Law
Brett Ruppel Bid #500C-02045 We would like to request the bid submission package for Palmisano Construction, ... Finance - Procurement Admin Law
Rachel Smith I have been told that the 13 documents listed on the one stop app for 965 Harding Drive, working ... Safety and Permits Admin Law
Cristina Johnson Pursuant to the state open records law La. Rev. Stat. Ann. Secs. 44:1 to 44:41, I write to reques... Health Department Admin Law
Jack Breuer I am requesting a PDF copy of the residential solid waste and recycling franchise agreement betwe... City Attorney Admin Law
Kelp Please forward the plans submitted to the City Planning Commission and the Department of Safety a... Safety and Permits Admin Law
Jonathan Bullington I request the following records: A list of every hit and run incident (100, 100-I, 100-F and 1... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Matthew Sledge I request item D-37929-11 for on-site inspection. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Harrison Alley I am requesting public records of the city's efforts to notice property owners of delinquent prop... City Attorney Admin Law
Wesley Plaisance Please send me all contracts and amendments thereto between the City of New Orleans on one hand a... City Attorney Admin Law
Jessica Bullock Freedom of Information Act Request - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – 363540   Dear City... Environmental Assessments Admin Law
richard webster Requesting reports for:   I-15735-16 C-37070-16 C-12661-16 C-36434-15 Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Marjorie R. Esman any and all documents concerning inspection, examination, and treatment of trees at 2712 Jefferso... Parks and Parkways Admin Law