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Anna Bennifield August 18, 2016   925 Common 305 Decatur Street Site Number:46536     Please find this as ... Safety and Permits Admin Law
Malcom C. Flot Jr., CompTIA A+ Hi, Please provide me with the entire case file, from the beginning of this Perpetrated Administr... Code Enforcement - Violations Tammie Jackson
Danielle Dreilinger Incident report for G2123316, created July 20, 2016. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Emily Lane I request the initial report for item H-17735-16. Thank you.  Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Lauren Miller Miller3 Consulting, Inc is requesting the score sheets of ALL the firms who submitted a proposal ... Finance - Procurement Admin Law
Holly Keane Site Location: 5610 Read Blvd, New Orleans, LA, 70127 SLR International Corporation (SLR) is per... Environmental Assessments Admin Law
David Horn I would like to obtain copies of the plans for the North Terminal Project Admin Law
David Horn I would like to obtain a copy of the prospectus or offering on the bond for the North Terminal Pr... Admin Law
Karen Ocker Please consider this email a formal public record request for a copy of all written legal opinion... City Attorney Admin Law
Samantha Good Morning. I would like to request the detail score sheets for RFP No.: 2130-02037 for City of... Finance - Procurement Admin Law
Jack Breuer I am requesting a PDF copy of the residential solid waste and recycling franchise agreement betwe... Sanitation Admin Law
Julie Copy of Schedule B application for Manager's License completed by Cornell Augustine during 2015 o... Finance - Revenue Admin Law
Margaret Guidry Please provide a certified copy of any permits issued related to the property located at 1535 Fra... Safety and Permits Admin Law
Hannah Adams Photographs, investigation materials and documentation, copies of administrative notices and judg... Code Enforcement - Violations Tammie Jackson
Matthew Sledge I request the initial incident report for items H-05750-16, H-07465-16, H-07898-16 and E-20418-16. Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
Wesley Plaisance Please send me a copy of all pre and post tax sale notices issued in connection with the attached... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Kim Dunn Regarding request  16-1081-Found 1 co for renovation- question, if a Certificate of Occupancy is ... Safety and Permits - One Stop Shop Admin Law
Wesley Plaisance 2935 Franklin - Public Records Request [Re: 2012 tax sale]   Please produce a copy of all lette... Finance - Treasury Admin Law
Donald 1710-1712 Lapeyrouse Street Fire Incident Report August 1, 2016 Fire Department Paul Degrange
Harrison Alley I am requesting public records of the city's efforts to notice property owners of delinquent prop... City Attorney Admin Law
Kim Dunn Please send copy of Certificate of Occupancy and a copy of the site plan if available for the Hol... Safety and Permits - One Stop Shop Admin Law
Brittney Wimberly   Good Afternoon,   I am requesting information regarding truck traffic regulations regulated ... Public Works-All Admin Law
don duvernay List of current 8-9-16 TNC drivers on record with the city. Safety and Permits - Taxicab & For Hire Bureau Admin Law
Mark Gillispie The Associated Press makes the follow request for information and public records request concerni... Media Request - NOPD Jezreel Joseph
David Zoppo Please provide copies of any Statements of Qualifications, proposals, or other submissions that t... City Council Admin Law